Fukushima Fallout: Regulatory Loopholes at U.S. Nuclear Plants

Fukushima Fall Out Report

Committee Releases

Markey Asks NRC for Answers on Pilgrim Nuclear Event (June 13, 2011)

Markey Joins Leading Nuclear Physicist, Children's Health Advocates Calling for 20-Mile Distribution of Potassium Iodide Near Nuclear Reactors in America (March 28, 2011)

Other Stories

Nebraska Nuke Floods, New Mexico Wildfires: Regulations Inadequate(June 29, 2011)

Markey, Welch: No Way to Assess Integrity of Buried Pipes at Nuclear Reactors (June 21, 2011)

To NRC: Suspend All Reactor Licensing Until Task Force Recommendations Implemented 6/15/11

Markey, Tierney: Do Not Relicense Seabrook Nuclear Plant 20 Yrs Before License Expires 6/8/11

Markey on NRC Inspections of Emergency Procedures at US Nuclear Power Plants 6/6/11

Markey Commends NRC Decision to Review AP1000 Nuclear Reactor 5/20/11

Congress to Obama: Fully Implement Nuclear "Emergency Pill" Law 5/10/11

Regulatory Inadequacies Threatening Nuclear Reactor Safety Detailed in Markey Report 5/12/11

To OMB: Will US Taxpayers Have to Bailout Electric Utilities for Bad Nuclear Loans? 5/6/11

Markey on Chernobyl 25th Anniversary: Transparency Key to Ensuring Safety of Nuclear Fleet 4/25/11

Markey: NRC Directing Secrecy in the Wake of Fukushima Meltdown 4/15/11

Statement at Hearing on Nuclear Power Plant Incident in Japan 4/6/11

Markey Introduces Nuclear Safety Legislation in Wake of Japanese Nuclear Meltdown 3/29/11

Markey Statement on Plutonium Found in Soil at Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant 3/28/11

Media Advisory: Markey, Scientists, Child Advocacy Call for 20-Mile Distro of KI Near US Nuclear Power Plants

Markey Statement on Low Concentrations of Radioactive Iodine in MA Rainwater 3/27/11

States Must Be Prepared with "Emergency Pill" In the Case of a Nuclear Meltdown 3/25/11

Markey, Pallone Query FDA on Radiation in Japanese Imports, Pacific Seafood 3/20/11

Markey: NRC Must Provide Full Transparency, Potential Consequences of Japanese Event 3/18/11

Markey: Who's in Charge If Nuclear Disaster Hits America? 3/13/11

Markey Warns that Japan Nuclear Accident Could Happen Here 3/13/11

Nuclear Reactor Safety, Security, and Emergency Response Preparedness 4/15/11

Semi Annual Activity Report, Legislative Text

Preliminary Transcript of Energy & Commerce Hearing: "The Fiscal Year 2012: Department of Energy and NRC Budgets"

Energy & Commerce Hearing April 6, 2011: The US Government Response to the Nuclear Power Plant Incident in Japan

Ranking Member Waxman's Opening Statement

Testimony of Dr. Edwin Lyman

Testimony of Michael Corradini, American Nuclear Society

Testimony of Mr. William Levis, PSEG Power LLC

Testimony of Mr. Martin Virgilio, US NRC Reactor and Preparedness Program

Rep DeGette's Opening Statement

Memo on NRC Modeling of Severe Reactor Scenarios at US 4/6/11

Preliminary Transcript for Hearing on "US Government Response to the Nuclear Power Plant Incident in Japan

Energy & Commerce Hearing on May 4, 2011: The Role of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission in America's Energy Future

Joint Hearing "The Role of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission on America's Energy Future"

Testimony of Mr. Gregory B. Jaczko, Chairman US NRC

Subcommittee on Energy and Power Hearing: "The American Energy Initiative"

Testimony of Mr. Jack Spencer, Research Fellow of Nuclear Energy Policy, The Heritage Foundation

Testimony of Mr. Anthony F. Earley Jr, DTE Energy

Preliminary Hearing Transcript 4/15/11 (Part 1)

Subcommittee on Environment and the Economy Hearing: "Nuclear Waste: Disposal Challenges and Lessons Learned from Yucca Mountain

Testimony of Mr. Mark Gaffigan, Natural Resources and Environment