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eVIZ - U.S. House of Representatives - The Natural Resources Committee Democrats



The “eVIZ” is an energy app from the Natural Resources Committee Democrats that takes you inside America’s energy system like never before.

Short for “Energy Visualizer, eVIZ app is an educational tool designed to show American energy, fuel economy savings and extreme weather risks in a new way.

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This app features three unique interactive experiences:

--Fuel Economy Calculator: Learn how much money you can save at the pump.
--Extreme Weather: An animated look at the costs and scope of extreme weather events, including Hurricane Sandy, droughts, wildfires and floods.
--The Energy Visualizer: An interactive 3D map of the United States enables you to see U.S. energy production and consumption in a whole new way.  Learn about efficiency, and energy trends over time. You can even create state-by-state comparison and set up multiple variables for looking at energy data in map or graph form.

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Think Progress“Must Download”

Clean Technica“I’ve got the app running on my iPad right now, and it’s a slick creation.

Green Biz- “By sliding your finger, you can witness decades of U.S. energy production -- including wind, solar, coal and oil -- and you can compare states to find out which are the most energy efficient.”

Tech President: “…the cool thing is that the next time you see a member of Congress speaking on energy policy, you'll be able to quickly figure out which sector of the energy industry they're trying to protect or woo to their state by using this app.”